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The book Den

To recommend fantasy, sci-fi, manga and comic books

The Book Den
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This is a book recommendation community for Fantasy/sci-fi books, mangas, and graphic novels (comic books). If you know of a good book, manga, or comic book then please tell us about it. The community is also open to discussions on particular books, book searches if you remember reading something you liked but can't recall the title, and requests (ex. looking for something of a sci-fi, dark future nature. Anyone know of any good books like that?)

The rules:

Please put the title of the book, author, publishing company (optional but would be nice if added. Can be added later.), genre (novel, manga, comic book), any warnings (Ex. Adult situations, scenes with explicit sexual content, explicit gore, etc.) and why you are recommending this book (without giving too much away if possible. Please refrain from accidentally blurting anything about the ending.)

All discussions must be mature and considerate to all those who participate, as well as considerate to the writer of the discussed book. Please no swearing or burning of the author or those participating in the discussions.

Acceptable: I liked this about the book, but didn't like this about it.
unacceptable: this book was so stupid I don't know why anyone would read it. It was a total piece of crap, so no one read it!

Tags: Please use the following tags.

comic book

young adult